RHD Tesla Model S to Enter Production Cycle in March – First Deliveries Scheduled For April


When Tesla’s Elon Musk took to the airwaves to defend the recall that’s not a recall, he mentioned something else Model S related that slipped by.

Tesla Model S in UK

Tesla Model S in UK

Right-hand-drive versions of the Model S will begin rolling down the assembly line in March.  Those vehicles will be sold in the UK, Japan and Australia.

It’s believed that the first batch of RHD Model S sedans will reach buyers in the UK in April.  The other countries requiring RHD will follow.

For those who’ve been paying attention, the RHD version of the Model S has been delayed on several occasions now.  Tesla initially stated that the RHD Model S would launch in early 2013.  That was pushed back to first deliveries in March 2014.  Now it’ll be April 2014 before the first RHD Model S sedans reach eager buyers.

Source: CNBC

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Hopefully they rock the same cost structure they’re offering in China, in Australia. If they do, we’re on.

I wouldn’t have bothered those special side markets and instead have focused on the gen III.

that would be very poor decision, they’ll need all possible profits from selling Model S and X to build giga-factory and next gen assembly line. And establishing presence in these markets is also very good for future business with Gen3.

Those “special side markets” are 40% of the world market, I’ll have you know!

And UK buyers are paying far more for their cars than US buyers – so RHD means massive profits for Tesla.