RevoZport Reveals R-Zentric Tesla Model S – Video


“Tesla motors just announced a new variant of Model S that redefines the performance of electric powered motoring: the P85D. A sedan w/ performance that we would normally expect from a supercar, the P85D will go from 0-60mph in merely 3.2 seconds while the topping out in excess of 250km/h.

With close to 700hp on the tap, and curb weight of 2100kg, we at RevoZport, are set to take the performance of this car to the next level and bring more entertainment to the driver and its passengers.”

This is sure to improve the Model S' handling!

This is claimed to improve the Model S’ handling!

Yet one more aftermarket tuning company has a go at the Tesla Model S.

Perhaps the original Model S isn’t to your liking.  Maybe this modded version does the trick?

So what do you get with RevoZport’s upgrades to the Model S?

“The R-Zentric aerokit is designed with sole mission of improving the handling performance and rear entertainment for the Tesla Model S. The aerokit is designed with industrial grade CAD software and manufactured to the highest precision, consists of the following components: Carbon composite front splitter, side skirts, fender flares, rear diffuser and trunk spoiler. The aerokit would achieve the higher downforce and weight savings that enable a performance coherent to the power of the car. Furthermore, the Ultra light weight Klassen ID Forged 22” alloys wearing 9.5J/255 up front and 11J/295 rubber at the back. This would increase the overall track width by about 40mm.”

It doesn’t stop there. RevoZport added a rear entertainment console, which will support an iPad Mini. You get 2 additional cup holders, 2 additional USB ports, and a tray with this rear entertainment console, in your choice of “fine leather” or carbon fiber trims.

Based on this 3D computer animation, what is your opinion on RevoZport’s upgrades?

RevoZport's Rear Entertainment & Carbon Fiber Seat Back Cover.

RevoZport’s Rear Entertainment & Carbon Fiber Seat Back Cover.

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“RevoZport’s Rear Entertainment & Carbon Fiber Seat Back Cover.”

Not to forget – backseat cupholders!

I hear the new precision-engineered carbon fiber seat backs redirect airflow from the climate system to provide the maximum occupant down force and achieve seating performance coherent to the power of the car.

Hm, that sounds too advanced for me. I think I’ll stick to my cup holders.

I have heard of these ‘cup holders’ of which you speak.
I have to make do with gap between legs…

I think these doofuses just come up with what they think looks cool in their CAD programs. Does anybody believe that “fender flares” poking out of the side of the car actually improve aerodynamic performance?

I’ll grant you that – and click to enlarge that photo of the fender flares and you see the fit and finish is bad too, love that gap between flare and body!

What I will point out is they are correct in track width does improve extreme cornering performance – as in track days. Only look to European Touring Cars racing series to see Mercedes, Audis and BMWs with hideously huge, un-aero flares over hideously huge wide tires. If you want to pound the corners, wider track means higher speeds.

So, the BMW i3, would not be a good choice for the track? What would one with fat tires, look like? Would they even fit in the wheel wells???

The flared arches are there purely to cover the tyres so that they conform with Construction and Use regulations.
The thing that improves the performance is the widened track. What this does is effectively lowers the centre of gravity. Widening the track also means you can fit more rubber under the arches which then means more grip.


How much downforce could you possibly apply via a plastic front fascia?

I like the rear ipad holder