Revolutionize Your Commute With Tesla Autopilot, Summon & More – Video


Tesla Model S On Autopilot

Tesla Model S On Autopilot

With Autopilot, Autosteer, Summon & more, Tesla is revolutionizing the driving experience.

Tesla release a (very polished) video to showcase the achievements it has made in the autonomous-driving world.

Video description:

“Autopilot allows Model S to steer within a lane, change lanes with the simple tap of a turn signal, and manage speed by using active, traffic-aware cruise control. Digital control of motors, brakes, and steering helps avoid collisions from the front and sides, as well as preventing the car from wandering off the road. Model S can also scan for a parking space, alert you when one is available, and parallel park on command.”

“Autopilot features are progressively enabled over time with software updates.”

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I like how Tesla’s starting to produce nice online Ads. They’ll need to do more advertising of their products and their cutting-edge features, to sell 500,000 cars a year.

Everything is a rehearsal for Model 3.

Thank you boys… and a one and a two.

Parallel parking was missing and is awesome

I don’t get it.. Changes lanes by tapping the indicator – that is what I normally do anyway, ohhh and I turn the wheel slightly. I guess the difference is I pay attention to what I’m doing in the process, where as if the car is in charge you don’t have to… But wait, legally you’re still in charge of your vehicle… As for the parallel park – if you can’t do that unassisted on your own, then maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t be in a car in the first place!?.. Just saying, but I Would love the autopilot on endless motorways, and I still believe the S is fantastic – heck, I’m even starting to like the X

Changing lanes is all about the blind spot. Sure it doesn’t happen often, but finding a car in your blind spot happens just often enough, and the consequences are horrific enough that I can’t wait to get this feature.

I’m pretty good at parallel parking but when it is tight then it is hard to get the right distance from the curb. This (and our Volt) does it precisely without hitting the tires/rims!

This video is played as background on their home page as well (if you are in a supported browser HTML5?)

Well you can pump the brakes and get rid of the ABS system, same philosophy.

Wait, now you mean people will have to use their turn signal? Naw, it will still be the same.

So Tesla is starting to advertise? I guess they have worked through their backlog then?

When you ramp up production and sales are still “flat”, then you have to advertise to keep up or find new international market…

“Someone out there” said: “So Tesla is starting to advertise?” I don’t think Tesla advertising is an either/or situation, but rather a question of degree; a question of how much advertising they’re doing. In the past they have just done media “event” type press conferences, which are a type of advertising; more recently they instituted a referral program, offering incentives for word-of-mouth advertising, which in my opinion does amount to paid advertising. What we have not seen from Tesla so far is paid mass market advertising. If Tesla is posting ads to YouTube… well, do they have to pay to post them there? If not, then they are still not yet paying for mass advertising. But I would not be at all surprised if Tesla starts taking out targeted magazine ads soon, and possibly paid Internet banner ads at targeted websites. “Someone out there” also asked: “I guess they have worked through their backlog then?” I suggest it’s more useful to think of it as Tesla managing demand, using such things as Elon’s tweets, media “events”, frequent upgrades of the Model S, and new Supercharger installations, to maintain media “buzz” about Tesla. Tesla has been able to keep increasing demand… Read more »

Video shot in Toronto, cool! 2 hrs from me.

Sorry but the Summon feature shown in the video, for folks with home garages is just silly. My car is plugged-in inside the garage and I need to go into the garage to unplug it so I am already there to get into the car. DUH! I also have a garage so I can get into my car without exposing myself to the outside wind and cold in the morning. The SUMMON use case shown does not match the objective of having a garage.

Summon would be cool if it worked over long distances (5-30miles) but for that you would need a automous* driving car.

*automous as level 4 autonomous (aka driving without driver). That is where the fun beginns to get legally. All other stuff i threat as assistance systems for safety or convienience.

The charging issue with summon is real and of course doesn’t do anything with people with attached garages.

But – if your garage is tight, it allows you to open the doors outside the garage. If you get trapped in a parking spot – you never have to squeeze in. Imagine you are a large person with a hurt knee. Backing up before getting in is a real help. Also, lots of people don’t plug in every day – particularly if they have a tight garage.

All of the things summon helps for are minimal for most people but for the right person, it can be very helpful. The FWD on the X in certain cases may make summon more helpful – mostly with tight garages and low ceilings – and a kid in a car seat.