Electric pickup trucks are a hot topic right now, so let's take a deep dive into electric trucks and what to expect from these impressive machines.

From the Tesla Cybertruck to the Hummer EV, from the Bollinger B2 to the Lordstown Endurance, here's all you need to know about zero-emission trucks.

Most of these electric trucks are hugely capable and some come with high price tags, but we feel that the selection of upcoming electric pickups will soon be vast enough to suit most budgets and tastes.

Of course, some electric trucks have turned out to be more highly anticipated than others, but each of the trucks promise to offer something unique and compelling.

The trucks we've rounded up include models that will launch as soon as next year, as well as some that are further off into the future. It's an open question as to which electric pickup truck will go on sale first, but it seems like the Rivian R1T will win that race. The R1T should be closely followed by the Tesla Cybertruck and Lordstown Endurance, while the other trucks may trail behind a bit.

Go ahead and watch the video for more on the future of electric trucks and be sure to check out our electric truck guide for 2021 and beyond here.

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