In this recent video, Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Cleanerwatt dives into the details surrounding the Rivian R1T. He asks himself if it will succeed and sell well even with competition like the Tesla Cybertruck coming soon.

We've been quite lucky over the last few weeks or so since we've received several important announcements related to future electric cars. For a website that only covers vehicles that plug in, there's not a whole lot of exciting news on a regular basis, nor are there that many brands or models to cover, especially in the States.

With that said, we've been covering Rivian for some time now, and we've published loads of articles about its R1T and R1S. The R1T is an "adventure-ready" electric pickup truck with a luxury interior and plenty of bells and whistles. As expected, it carries a starting price that's not only representative of a long-range EV, but one that's large, well-appointed, and unique.

Just recently, Rivian officially revealed many of the remaining details about the R1T and R1S, such as range, trims, options, and pricing. You can check all that out in detail by clicking on the articles below.

Cleanerwatt points out that the R1T is more expensive than the Tesla Cybertruck. However, it's important to note here that it may be many years before Tesla is able to offer the cheapest Cybertruck. If the automaker follows suit with the Model 3 and Model Y, the "base" Cybertruck model is not coming in the near future.

Regardless, Cleanerwatt believes that the R1T may compete well with gas-powered trucks like the Ford Raptor, Ram TRX, and Jeep Gladiator. He also admits that even with the Cybertruck coming, the R1T may have what it takes to succeed and sell well in the future.

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