In India, the cheapest car in the world was a huge flop. Market analysts said Tata Nano potential clients – who used to carry their large families in motorcycles – did not want to be seen as drivers of a cheap machine. If that is not an issue for American customers, the Kandi K27 may be a success, especially checking its first video reviews.

Apart from the one he produced for InsideEVs, Kyle Conner also shot one for his Out Of Spec Reviews channel. In this other video, Conner does not hide how impressed he was after checking what the K27 has to offer.

Kandi K27

Without taking the fun of watching the video, we can tell you Conner did not think the EV would have such a nice suspension and dynamic behavior. It is by no means fast with its 45 kW motor (according to the company’s page), equivalent to about 60 hp.

The youtuber also enjoyed how roomy the K27 is despite its compact external dimensions: it is 136.22 inches (3.46 meters) long, 57.87 inches (1.47 m) wide, 63.58 inches (1.61 m) high, and has a wheelbase of 96.65 inches (2,45 m). 

Being taller than it is wide, having the battery pack under its floor certainly helps it behave at high speed. Which, by the way, is not that high: 68 mph. Conner said he got 69 mph when he took it to the highway. The K27 weighs 2,270.76 pounds (1,030 kg).

Among the things Conner did not like very much was that this Kandi does not have the Park position in the gear selector. When you want to stop it, just apply the parking brakes, and that’s it.

Another bizarre aspect of ownership is that the air-conditioning does not have a way to set the temperature, at least until Conner last checked that before going into a more detailed review. This one above was just his first contact with the car. As impressed as he was with the cheapest new car for sale in the US, he must have turned it upside down for new videos, and we can’t wait to watch them.

Source: Out Of Spec Review

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