Tesla has updated the Model 3 sedan in several areas and it’s also started customer deliveries of the revised model. The car you see in this video is one of the very first to reach a customer and he checks it out, point out some of the changes that were brought to it.

David Narayan apparently began the process of buying his Model 3 before the updated model was available, but he learned that a new baby was on the way and the car stopped being a priority. By the time he ordered again, Tesla had already introduced the refreshed Model 3, so that’s the one he got - it’s believed to be one of the first to ever be delivered, and, apparently the first one to be delivered in Utah.

As expected, since it is the updated model, it has the revised center console with the new wireless phone charger, it has double glazing on the side windows, different knobs on the steering wheel (they are now metal as opposed to having a rubberized finish) the power-operated trunk lid, as well as the new design Aero wheels (that everybody seems to unanimously agree look better).

David says that, even though he hasn’t seen it, his car does come with a heat pump that’s located under the revised trim in the frunk. He also points out that this may be the first Tesla he’s ever been in, the car is remarkably quiet - he partly attributes this to the new double-pane glass.

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