Calling the Volkswagen ID.4 the ID.3’s big brother isn’t necessarily accurate. Both vehicles have roughly the same footprint and both are remarkably roomy inside. (although the former does allow you to wear taller hats inside). We’d more accurately call the ID.4 the ID.3’s taller and more practical brother.

And since high-riding crossovers and SUVs are all the rage in the United States (even more so than in Europe and other parts of the world where they’re still undeniably popular), Volkswagen decided it was not going to sell the ID.3 Stateside. So the ID.4 will have to cater for all buyers who want a relatively compact Volkswagen EV.

This video published by the Fully Charged Show contains information and footage from the ID.4’s American launch (which took place before its European unveiling). It not only shows the near production-ready ID.4 shown at the venue, but it also contains parts of an interview with Volkswagen of America CEO, Johan de Nysschen.

He explains that VW isn’t necessarily aiming for the ID.4 to take buyers away from other similar EVs, but from conventional ICE crossovers instead. This is why VW has gone to great lengths to still make it feel familiar and traditional, even though its engine has been replaced by a motor and it packs plenty of new tech.

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