There is literally not a single other car in the world quite like the Koenigsegg Regera. It is a performance plug-in hybrid that uses its electric motors to great effect - through their use, Koenigsegg was able to eliminate the need for a conventional gearbox; the car relies on the electric motors’ torque at lower speeds, then the engine as speeds increase.

Koenigsegg intends to build 80 examples in total and all slots were already sold out by mid-2017; the Regera was unveiled two years prior, at the Geneva Motor Show. However, it seems the company has still not delivered customer cars because it’s still testing the Regera, at least based on this video published by AutoTopNL.

The reviewer is taken for a passenger ride in the Regera around Koenigsegg’s airfield test track in Sweden. He is not allowed to drive the car or show certain parts that are still apparently in development, even though this is a car shown some 5 years ago in its final production form.

Maybe this is the reason why we’ve not yet seen a video of it driven flat out on the autobahn. Its total power output is reported to be 1,797 horsepower and it is electronically limited to 410 km/h (255 mph); it can hit sixty in well under 3 seconds in dry conditions.

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