Tesla had been pretty much unchallenged until a couple of years ago when genuinely good, long-range EVs burst onto the scene from established automakers. Now yet more are appearing that are also starting to catch up to Tesla’s offerings not only in terms of range, but performance too.

Probably the single best Tesla rival on the market right now is the Polestar 2. Its aim is to draw buyers away from the Tesla Model 3 and into its sleek, oh-so Scandinavian looking interior. Many outlets have been comparing these two vehicles, and with good reason - they are genuinely evenly matched in many areas.

And even if the top tier Model 3, the Performance, is quicker than the Polestar 2, and it has a bit more range, the difference on either count is not immense. The Polestar has enough range and plenty of performance to be attractive, and it has a few other things going for it too.

Throttle House made this video comparing the two and its conclusion is that while they can be seen as rivals, they are actually very different (feeling) cars. Choosing between them is not as easy as you might initially think, especially if you have bias for one brand or the other, but the fact that they are even comparable at all is a bit of a win for Polestar.

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