Tesla’s undeniable success may also be a direct result of the company managing to convince people who don’t normally like cars to become interested in their products (among other things, obviously). It could be argued that many Tesla fans don’t have an interest in cars and are into technology than anything else - its cars capture the interest of tech nerds in a way no other brand can match.

The host of the HyperChange channel declares from the onset of the video that he is not a car guy. He used to live in New York where he walked everywhere or used public transit, but in relocating to the West Coast, he’s had to readjust to having to drive everywhere in his own car.

And he bought a Tesla Model Y as his daily driver, a car he says he likes very much. Unsurprisingly, it’s the Tesla’s advanced self driving tech, comfort features and the practicality are the stars of the package in his eyes.

Performance counts too, but not as much as the image of being behind the wheel of the hottest premium electric crossover of the moment. Besides, can’t really use a Model Y’s full acceleration potential in most driving situations - this YouTuber has the Long Range AWD model that sprints to sixty in 4.8 seconds, which is arguably quicker than necessary on public roads (although being pinned to your seat in a Model Y is fun).

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