Host Robert Llewellyn proceeds to shower it with praise, in spite of the many software glitches he notices.

The main reason why the Volkswagen ID.3’s launch was a series of software glitches that plagued the car. This even reportedly led to the demotion of the head of the automaker’s software division, Christian Senger, who had been hand picked for the position by VW CEO Herbert Diess himself based on the speed with which he was completing tasks assigned to him.

And now even though the ID.3 is officially out and VW has announced the start of customer deliveries (albeit with some features disabled), it looks like not all the software issues have been ironed out. Robert Llewellyn from the Fully Charged Show, a self-confessed Volkswagen (Golf) fan, discovered some glitches during his road test of the vehicle, yet he says it’s such a good car that these can be forgiven.

Robert points out that even though there are still some minor glitches, the ID.3 is actually a very well engineered, well thought out car that has the range and the tech to become a serious Tesla rival. He argues that VW was forced to make the ID.3 (and all its ID-badged vehicles, for that matter) good in order to make up for the negative impact the Dieselgate scandal had on the company’s image.

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