Rory Reid from AutoTrader begins his video by stating a fact that many EV fans unanimously agree with - the Tesla Model 3 is currently the world’s best electric car. It will therefore be very difficult for any other automaker to come up with a model worthy of challenging it, since it still has unmatched range, tech levels and performance.

This is perhaps why ever since the Polestar 2 burst on the scene, and it proved to be a worthy adversary, media outlets have gone to town comparing the two. This video, however, is one of the first that actually has the two cars in the same place at the same time, so the reviewer’s opinions on which one is better should be more accurate (than if they were tested in isolation).

Furthermore, this also enabled the team behind the video to also drag race the two vehicles, to give viewers a very accurate picture of the performance difference between the two vehicles. We finally get to see the fastest Polestar 2 accelerating alongside the fastest version of the Model 3, the Performance; as predicted, the Tesla is considerably quicker and it keeps pulling ahead of the Polestar during both of the two runs.

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