While in America, the many positive attributes of the Tesla Model 3 are well known and documented, Europe is still growing accustomed to it. Sure, Model 3s are commonplace in the Netherlands or Norway, but in other markets, buyers are still unsure what to make of them (because Tesla is a relatively new brand with no track record on the Old Continent).

But there are many reasons why it’s become so popular in certain parts of the world, and Irish independent car reviewer, Bob Flavin, saw the light too and had very nice things to say about the Model 3 in his video dedicated to it. Yes, he does say it looks a bit frog-like when viewed from the front, but that is one of the only points of criticism makes about the car throughout his entire video.

He actually says that aside from the front view, it’s actually a pretty car. Bob also liked the ultra minimalist interior that’s almost devoid of physical controls, although he does have trouble connecting the car to the internet hotspot he created on his phone.

Regarding the driving experience provided by his tester, a Model 3 Performance, he says the usual: that it’s really fast, deceivingly so and that you need to be careful where you point it before pressing the go pedal. In his view, though, the way the car squats down on its rear end when you floor it is a characteristic that could be improved by increasing rear damper rates.

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