We’re struggling to think of any reviewers that have tried the Porsche Taycan (regardless of version) and whose impression of the car was not a highly positive one. Sure, they all say the Turbo S is ridiculously expensive, but none of them have said it’s not good or worth the money if you can afford it.

Well, now Driving.ca has had a go in the top tier Taycan Turbo S and, unsurprisingly, had very nice things to say about it. The fact that the reviewer calls it ' a  proper Porsche by any standard you want to use ' makes it pretty clear that they really enjoyed the way it drives and the performance it has on tap.

They rate its handling as ‘ unreal, ‘ which probably stems from the shock they had when throwing this 2.3-ton sedan around. Praise continues when talking about its interior, which is rated as exquisite, especially when it comes to fit and finish quality.

They even reckon the top of the range Turbo S is still good value for money, even though it starts at $185,000, way more than the Taycan 4S (which starts at $103,800).

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