Alex Dykes (Alex on Autos) finally produced his full Tesla Model Y review. Not long ago, we would have told you Dykes probably wouldn't actually review the Model Y. In fact, he simply wasn't reviewing or covering Tesla much. However, that changed more recently, so we knew the Model Y review would be coming, it was just a matter of time. In order to complete his review, Dykes rented a Model Y via Turo.

Like many other reviewers, Dykes is impressed with the Model Y overall. He goes so far as to ask if it's the new benchmark. This comes as no surprise after most of what we've learned from Sandy Munro, not to mention Edmunds' recent reviews. Honestly, we've yet to find a Model Y reviewer that is unhappy with the car overall, though there are always issues worth pointing out.

Regardless, in the grand scheme of things, many headlines and much conversation about the Model Y have been along the lines of the crossover raising the bar, not only for Tesla, but also for the industry as a whole.

So what's there to like? Why are reviewers so enamored with the Tesla Model Y? We probably should ask, why are reviewers so impressed with all Tesla's vehicles. They're unique, futuristic, quick, practical, stylish, etc. The usual concerns with Tesla vehicles come back to the overall quality of the cars in general, but they don't seem to cause enough concern to convince reviewers that the cars aren't compelling as a whole.

Despite any negatives, Dykes wonders why Tesla didn't make the Model Y ahead of the Model 3. Why didn't it make the Model X ahead of the Model S? Crossovers are very popular on our shores, but Tesla makes vehicles for markets across the globe. Its sedans are not only a blast to drive, but also quite roomy and practical. We'd argue that if Tesla could stick to sedans and sports cars, perhaps it would, but that's just not the way the U.S. market is headed. Virtually all automakers are moving from cars to SUVs.

At any rate, get out the popcorn, kick back, and check out Dykes Model Y review. Then, share your thoughts with us below.


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