Let's put the incredibly popular Toyota RAV4 side-by-side with a Tesla Model Y and see what we can learn.

EV Dave provides a nice side-by-side visual comparison of the Tesla Model Y and Toyota RAV4. The two crossovers have a lot in common while being very different in many ways.

Let's face it, not many people are familiar with the Tesla Model Y. In fact, not very many people are familiar with Tesla in general. The company makes premium all-electric cars with relatively high price tags, and it doesn't advertise. Currently, the cheapest version of the Tesla Model Y starts at $52,990. It comes standard with all-wheel drive, as well as Tesla Autopilot.

When it comes to the Toyota RAV4, there are probably few people who aren't at least familiar with the compact crossover. In the U.S., it's actually the best-selling vehicle in its class. The RAV4 was completely redesigned in 2019, which made it even more compelling.

The RAV4 starts at $25,950. Toyota also makes it in a hybrid version that comes standard with all-wheel drive and starts at $28,350. Both versions are roomy and come packed with standard features. Soon, Toyota will launch the RAV4 Prime. It's a plug-in hybrid version of the RAV4 that starts at $38,100. For comparison, the base Model Y, which is yet to arrive, should carry a starting price of around $44,000.

Check out the video to see how these two crossovers compare. Then, scroll down to the comment section and let us know what you think of the upcoming Toyota RAV4 Prime.

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