We've got a brand-new style of video for you on our InsideEVs US YouTube channel. It's a 'quick take' on the 2020 Hyundai Kona Electric. Essentially, we give you our final impressions of the electric crossover after putting it through the paces.

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If you follow InsideEVs, you probably already know that Kyle Conner recently spent some quality time with the 2020 Hyundai Kona Electric. In fact, we shared his Chevy Bolt EV versus Kona EV drag race here and on our new YouTube channel.

In addition, Conner provided a Kona EV range test and he put the Kona and Bolt through a series of challenges. Finally, he took the Hyundai electric crossover around the track for his new One Lap channel.

This latest video isn't a full in-depth review. The Kona EV has been around for some time, and we've published plenty of reviews of the car. Not to mention all of Conner's recent content on the electric crossover. However, there are some updates for the 2020 model year he'd like to point out, along with his overall impressions.

Since Conner has spent so much time putting the car through the paces, it seemed fitting for him to take us out for a short drive and fill us in with his most notable takeaways.

Check out the video for all the details. Then, let us know if you like this 'quick take' video style and if you have any other content suggestions for our YouTube channel. Leave us your comments below. 

Video Description via InsideEVs US on YouTube:

2020 Kona EV Quick Drive Review! Do The New Updates Improve A Solid EV?

Kyle takes the 2020 Kona Electric Ultimate on a drive. We talk price, competition, usability, drivability, charging, problems, issues, and the new updates for 2020. Enjoy!

You can find Kyle on Twitter @Out_of_Spec or on YouTube at @Out of Spec Motoring

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