This is a fantastic review, and the best part is it's not obnoxiously long.

We'll start by saying this video reviewer told us he's "mostly a Tesla fanboi," and not a trained car reviewer. There's nothing wrong with that, and we appreciate the honesty. In fact, we could have told you that just by looking at the name of his YouTube channel, 'Teslafinity - Sustainable Progress.'

Of course, it's sort of expected that Tesla fans and owners will be interested in checking out a car like the Porsche Taycan, and hopefully, they'll have the knowledge to critique it well. It's really the only high-performance EV to come to market to compete with Tesla, though the electric Porsche may appeal more to high-end luxury car buyers due to its German engineering and high sticker price.

On the flip side, we also try to publish reviews from non-Tesla and non-EV owners. We love to learn what general car aficionados and lovers of gas power and loud pipes think of high-performance electric entrants like the Taycan.

This recent review focuses on the entry-level Taycan 4S. For now, the 4S starts around $104,000, since Porsche hasn't yet released the smaller, "base" 79.2 kWh battery. Aside from the 4S coming standard with the larger 93.4 kWh "Plus" battery, other base standard features like the aluminum roof won't come along until later. Once Porsche offers the smaller battery and base features, the price will come down.

As always, check out the video review and then leave us your thoughts about this car in our comment section.

Video Description via Teslafinity - Sustainable Progress on YouTube:

The Porsche Taycan Review | Tron Motorsound, Luxury Tech & More Funky Details

Hey ahm... I'm back. Driving the Porsche Taycan 4S for you. Funnily enough, I'm reviewing an electric car without talking about range. You know why? Because I forgot. I got the car with 94% of charge and returned it after a weekend of driving with 50% - it's just no topic anymore. My estimate is around 450km is easily possible and then the Taycan charges super quick. I'm going through details such as the Electric Sport Sound (I know, sound designers are expensive), the badass dealer wrap design (yes, originally Gulf Oil, ironic), cargo space, too many screens and kickass driving experience. Is this the car that will save humanity? Probably not. But it's an important statement that will increase sustainable transport adoption across the whole mobility board - it demonstrates that electric drive is simply better in every way (right after human pedal biking, obviously).

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