While we didn't plan to have an influx of Chevrolet Bolt EV coverage as of late, we're pretty excited about it. The Bolt is a solid electric car for the masses, and it tends to get overlooked. Our own Tom Moloughney and Kyle Conner both just happened to have a Bolt EV test car at the same time. You can see videos on our own InsideEVs US YouTube channel and the Out of Spec Motoring channel.

Interestingly, our friend Ken Bokor was reviewing the Bolt at the same time, too. If you don't know Bokor, he runs the EV Revolution Show YouTube channel. Bokor is a hardcore EV advocate and has been for some time. Does he like the all-electric Chevy hatch? Of course, there are many reasons Bokor agrees it's a good car, though he echoes our complaints as well.

Bokor takes us through the Chevy Bolt's specs in exhaustive detail. Then, he gets the car out on the road. It's spacious, quiet, peppy, and nimble, while providing a smooth ride. However, for the price, it could have a nicer cabin and more comfortable seats. The other issue with the Bolt, which we've pointed out, is its slow charging rate.

Check out the video for more details from Bokor. Then, scroll down and provide us with your details in the comment section.

Video Description via EV Revolution Show on YouTube:

Episode 91 - 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV Review!

May 13, 2020

My take after spending some quality time with a beautiful Oasis Blue MY2020 (slightly refreshed) GM Bolt EV! I’ll provide some stats, driving impressions and thoughts about this all-electric hatchback!

Thanks to GM Canada and Boyer Chevrolet in Pickering, ON for the vehicle!

As always, I welcome any feedback and questions! Thanks for Watching!

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