Will the all-electric Porsche shatter EPA-estimated range figures once again?

Most of us know by now that the Porsche Taycan Turbo S gets an EPA-estimated range of just 192 miles. However, a long list of drivers have proven that the car can travel much further on a charge. The EPA just released its estimates for the entry-level Taycan 4S. It puts its range at only 203 miles, but again, people will surely get more.

In the video above, the all-electric Porsche is tested at an average speed of 62 MPH (100 km/h). In Canada, as well as many other countries, this is a typical speed limit. We've been range testing electric cars at a constant 70 MPH, and driving them until they're out of juice, but there are many ways to handle it. The important part is to make sure you have a consistent baseline for testing, so vehicles can be compared fairly.

In this test, the Taycan Turbo S is wearing its stock 21-inch wheels and summer tires. The drive takes the car from a 100-percent state of charge to 50 percent, so not until empty, which means the total range is estimated.

It's the evening and conditions are mild and clear. The driver does admit that he didn't check the air in the tires, but the impact should only be marginal. We're excited to report that his data suggests a 300-mile range, which we've seen just recently from another driver.

Video Description via The Autobahn Specialist US Version on YouTube:

Taycan Turbo S Range test at night time at 62 miles per hour...

This is the first of 2 videos about the Porsche Taycan Turbo S with 21 inch wheels. It will show you the range at 62 miles per hour average speed.

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