The Mini Cooper SE is an impressive new electric car, aside from its 110 miles of EPA-estimated range. However, our own Tom Moloughney and Kyle Conner proved that despite its minimal range, it is road-trip capable in addition to being a blast to drive. But, what if you live in an area that's mountainous and experiences cold temperatures for a good part of the year?

The guys over at The Fast Lane Car put the Mini Cooper SE through what they call, "The World's Toughest Electric Car Test," otherwise known as the Loveland Trials. The car starts in Boulder, Colorado, and heads up over Loveland Pass. It's over 70 miles up, and then they have to come back down.

They take a gas-powered Cooper along for comparison. There's almost no doubt the all-electric Cooper SE will have to charge at some point. It will never travel over 140 miles, with half of that being a climb, though it could just roll down the mountain, right? We got 132 miles out of the car under more typical conditions.

The guys open the video at an Electrify America charging station. It's actually pretty comical. Roman is clearly frustrated and give kudos to Tesla since only a few of the EA chargers even work, he can't use his phone, and the charger won't release. At any rate, watch the interesting content and then leave us a comment.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Can The New EV Mini Cooper SE Finish The World's Toughest Electric Car Test, Or Do We Get STRANDED?

( ) The Mini Cooper SE is one of the most affordable electric cars you can buy today, but it's rated at just 110 miles of range, according to official EPA figures. That may be fine for a small city runabout, but can it actually manage more miles on a single charge in the real world? We put it through the world's toughest EV test, the Loveland Trials, to find out!

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