An important piece of Sandy Munro's Fit, Finish, and Quality (FFQ) audit involves test driving the Tesla Model Y. Munro refers to this as the dynamic portion of his audit. However, test driving the torn up Model Y is not possible. Thankfully, Munro got a second Model Y for use. In this recent video, he takes us for a ride in the Model Y as he talks about its driving dynamics and Tesla Autopilot.

Interestingly, the second Model Y arrived some time ago, though Munro kept it a secret and saved the delivery video until recently. As you can see in that video, the second Tesla crossover was delivered in the snow. Munro says it's a very early model, with a VIN in the 200s. He's looked it over and decided that he's pretty happy with its fit and finish, though he did mention the cowl issue in the previous video.

Munro has a lot to say about the Model Y in this brief video. Of course, he's impressed with the car's acceleration. Even though he doesn't really drive very fast these days, he admits that there's a feeling you get when you experience the instant torque of an electric powertrain. Munro heads out onto the freeway near Detroit to get a feel for the car and its Autopilot system.

He says the car rides like it's on rails. It takes little effort to throw it around a corner. As far as Autopilot is concerned, he feels there's no reason cars shouldn't have this technology already. That's not to say it's perfect, but it's the future. Everyone who experiences is going to want it. We assume Munro will dive much deeper into all of this in upcoming videos.

In the end, Munro says the Model Y is worth every penny. If you want a solid all-around EV at a reasonable price, you'll probably be happy with the Model Y. Check out the video for all Munro's dialogue and details.

Video Description via Munro Live on YouTube:

Model Y E34: AutoPilot, Acceleration, and Turns on Rails in the Second Model Y

Episode 34: With the sun shining on a beautiful Michigan day, Sandy takes the second Model Y for a spin as part of the dynamic portion of a Fit, Finish, and Quality (FFQ) audit. Sandy describes what he likes, how it compares to other vehicles, and shares a few stories along the way.

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