Decent car review videos aren't plentiful enough. This is especially true when it comes to reviews of vehicles like the Hyundai Kona Electric. We've found that while many reviews are simply too long, others aren't really reviews at all, but rather a vehicle walkaround with little important information to offer. 

From time to time, we find a solid EV review, and it's not always published by a major automotive media outlet. To help promote EV adoption, we need as much compelling content as possible related to today's new EVs. Hopefully, this video gives you a better idea about the promise of vehicles like this Hyundai all-electric crossover.

Hyundai – along with Kia – has made incredible strides with EVs. We argue that these South Korean automakers are better-equipped than most OEMs to really succeed in the electric car space. However, their gas cars are still the primary focus at this point, and that will remain true some time. For this reason, it's critical to inform people about solid options like the Kona Electric.

Check out the brief review above to learn all about the Kona Electric. If you own a Kona Electric, we look forward to hearing from you. Also, drop by the Kona Electric section of the InsideEVs Forum for more information about this electric crossover and the ownership experience.

Video Description via ForcesCarsDirect on YouTube:

FCD Hyundai Kona Electric Car Review | Electric Car Review

Join us in this short video review of the new Hyundai Kona Electric vehicle.

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