We've been patiently waiting for our good friend Sean Mitchell's Tesla Model Y review just as much as he's been patiently waiting to get behind the wheel of the new Tesla crossover. To be clear, we're all patiently waiting for many things these days. Even with the best-laid plans, we're learning that we don't really have much control over the present or the future.

With that said, we appreciate everyone's patience, as well as everyone's efforts to do what they can to stay healthy, help keep others healthy, and assist where they can. To be clear, Mitchell didn't buy a Model Y. Instead, he was waiting for access to someone else's new car. While many people have already taken delivery of the Model Y, in many cases it hasn't been safe to collaborate. InsideEVs has access to a Model Y as well, which we plan to review and use for exclusive content, but it's still a waiting game at this point.

Mitchell takes us through the car and then heads out on the road. He's impressed with the Model Y's ride height, storage, automatic liftgate, and overall headroom and legroom. However, he questions why Tesla stuck with the piano back console, which many people are unhappy with. In addition, Mitchell mentions the noisy heat pump.

Can three adults fit comfortably across the second row? Perhaps more important to families waiting for a three-row Model Y, how much room will the third row offer? Check out the video and then let us know what you think of Mitchell's impressions. If you recently took delivery of a Tesla Model Y, please share more details with us in the comment section.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell (All Things EV) on YouTube:

Model Y: The Good and Bad

Ride height
Head and leg room
Auto lift gate

Glossy console
Noisy heat pump
Size with three adults in back
2 adults in third row!?

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