Fully Charged has a new presenter, Andy Torbet, who in his first episode (fortunately recorded before the lockdown) went to Northern Sweden to test Tesla electric cars on a frozen lake.

The main thing was to check how the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model S cope in extreme winter conditions or at least more challenging than we normally see in winter.

It's not very technical, but the video footage is first class.

We strongly believe that the EVs are better than ICE and cold weather conditions are no exception or maybe even indicate a higher advantage over ICE than normally?

Electric drive allows for easy and smooth driving on snow. You don't have to worry about starting the cold engine. Electric heating is quick and you can even use an app to pre-heat on most models.

Sure, the range might be lowered (because of the heating and overall drop of efficiency), but it concerns all vehicles. The other negative might be significantly lower charging power at DC fast chargers, as the batteries need to be warmed.

Video Description via Fully Charged on YouTube:

Can electric cars handle the cold? Tesla Winter Experience | Fully Charged

Many of our viewers already know a great deal about electric vehicles but if you’re new to this exciting technology and you’re looking to understand more, this latest episode might help dispel any concerns you may have…

Can you drive electric cars on ice?
Which handles winter conditions better? EV vs ICE!

Before the lockdown, Andy Torbet put the much publicised Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model S P90D electric cars through an extreme winter conditions test.

Granted, most of us don’t need to drive across frozen lakes in Northern Sweden to get to work, but as Andy says: if an electric car can handle conditions like these, it shows that they can handle pretty much anything the majority of us will face.

This is Andy Torbet’s first solo episode for Fully Charged and we’re chuffed to have him as part of the team. If Andy can handle a shoot in conditions like these, it shows that he can handle pretty much anything we throw at him. (Woolly) hats off to him!

“From ice driving slaloms, braking boxes, obstacle avoidance and an ice race-track this was about as tough a test for driving in winter conditions as you’ll get. I did also take the Tesla out on the normal snow-covered roads to see how it felt in real world conditions.

We look at some of the concerns about EVs in winter but also why an EV may actually be better and safer when driving in the ice and snow.
So can you drive a Tesla on ice, does an electric work in the cold, is an EV safe in winter? – tune in to find out.
Enjoy. I did.”
- Andy Torbet

Let us know in the comments the things you’d like to see Andy tackle in future episodes, he's already got his eyes on episodes on e-bikes, electric motorbikes and electric vans!

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