We bet there are few people surprised that the Porsche Taycan is a "high-end EV that has some balls." Porsche would have it no other way. A mass-produced high-performance electric car that competes with vehicles like the Tesla Model S and Model 3 had yet to come to market before the Taycan arrived.

Thus far, most reviews praise the Taycan for its incredible overall driving dynamics. The only consistent negative we've heard is that the Porsche's EPA-estimated range is lower than anticipated. However, fortunately, many real-world tests have shown that the Taycan can travel many more miles than the EPA estimates.

YouTuber Nick Murray takes us out for a drive in the Taycan Turbo S. Like most others, he's enamored with the Taycan's performance. However, he has some issues with the car as a whole. He's not impressed by its regenerative braking system or infotainment technology. In addition, he says the rear visibility is a problem and the 2-speed gearbox has its pros and cons. All-in-all, Murray feels the Taycan is simply over-engineered in some aspects.

The review is a bit long, but Murray has a lot of solid information to share. It's perfect viewing material to pass the time during a global pandemic. Check it out and then leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Nick Murray on YouTube:

Porsche Taycan Turbo S the quirks and all

The new Porsche Taycan, high end EV that has some balls, but also some annoying features. Let's take a closer look.

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