Fully Charged's Robert Llewellyn took an opportunity of reduced activity to review his very own Tesla Model 3 (Long Range All-Wheel Drive), which over several months covered about 10,000 miles (16,000 km).

In an honest summary, Robert finds a few, rather minor negatives, which we point out below, although the overall experience seems to be quite positive.

Video Description via Fully Charged on YouTube:

Positives and negatives of the Tesla Model 3 at 10k miles | Fully Charged

Whilst in remote lockdown, Robert give his brutally honest views, both positives and negatives about his Tesla Model 3.

From an undisclosed field location, Robert talks to us about the exterior of the car and the all important fuel efficiency.

Starting with negatives - there are some panel gaps on the Model 3 (on the rear-right side). It's not important to Robert, but he just wanted to note for those who care.

The much more serious thing was the rear window, which cracked in a few months of normal use - reportedly also an issue in some other early units of the Model 3. Tesla replaced the window at no cost so fortunately there is no problem.

Positives and negatives of the Tesla Model 3 at 10k miles (Fully Charged)

The design of the boot lid, on the other hand, is a permanent negative in two, already known ways:

  • it allows water to get into the opened trunk during the rain
  • despite the big size, it would be better to have a hatchback door
Positives and negatives of the Tesla Model 3 at 10k miles (Fully Charged)

The last con is sometimes too "timid" Autopilot (see 7:39), when it slows down for no real reason.

Now, let's check out the positives, which widely overwhelm the negatives:

  • an outstanding range and energy consumption
    • winter: 250 miles (403 km) and 3.5 mi/kWh
    • summer: 300 miles (482 km) and over 5 mi/kWh
  • an excellent adaptive cruise control
  • great satellite navigation with trip planner, including Supercharging, state-of-charge and intelligent topography
  • the Supercharging network itself, as it allows to drive almost anywhere in most of Europe
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