This video by Ryan Shaw looks at things the Tesla Model Y does better than the Model 3 and things it’s not so good at. It tries to go beyond the obvious facts like the Y’s taller ride height, easier access, larger cargo capacity or its larger glass roof.

The first feature mentioned is the Model Y’s heat pump. We’ve discussed this in a separate article, but it certainly should have made it into this video. It’s the first of its kind ever fitted to any Tesla model and it’s said to be three times more efficient than the resistive heating solution used on all other models.

Next good feature mentioned is the heater for the cameras and sensors used for self driving - Tesla calls this a radar heater. Then there are the cameras on the B-pillars which are now placed in smaller recesses than before - this has been done to help limit the glare that caused problems for them on the Model 3.

His last Model Y positive over the Model 3 is that the former comes with USB-C connectors; the Model 3 only had older style USBs. According to Ryan, all the latest phones and electronic gadgets are coming out with the newer more compact type of USB, and the fact that the car already has them negates the need for adaptors.

But Ryan is also keen to point out that there are still ways in which the Model 3 is better than the Y. He mentions the usual (the fact that its range and performance will be affected by its bigger size and higher weight), as well as features that are no longer present in the Model Y (like auto-dimming mirrors, standard-fit HomeLink, Track Mode and the pedestrian warning sound).

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