This well-researched comparison and its detailed charts show exactly how the Model Y stacks up to the Model 3.

Tesla YouTube influencer Clearnerwatt has been on a recent kick with these fantastic comparison videos. Not only does he invest plenty of time into the research, but he also puts all his findings together in easy-to-read charts and graphics. His latest video takes an in-depth look at how the Tesla Model Y compares to the Model 3.

While you may already have a decent grasp at how these two Teslas compare, you have to seek out multiple sources to get all the details. Fortunately, we have it all here in once place.

We encourage you to watch the video since Clearnerwatt explains the details clearly and speaks about each chart. However, to make it even more convenient to compare the Model Y and Model 3, we've created a gallery of all his graphics:

Gallery: Tesla Model Y Vs Tesla Model 3

Video Description via Cleanerwatt on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model 3: Which is Better? + Side by Side Feature Comparison

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