They rate it as being much more fun to drive than a Tesla Model 3 Performance.

When it comes to real, genuine EV driver’s cars, your choices are currently limited. Yet more and more reviews are placing the Porsche Taycan, regardless of version, at the top of that pyramid.

The Taycan is praised not only for its remarkable straight line shove, but the tactility and precision of its steering, as well as its tight body control and excellent road holding. In fact, just like conventional fuel-burning sports cars, you can even have a bit of fun with it and slide the rear around in true Porsche fashion.

The guys from The Straight Pipes say their Taycan Turbo S tester has “911 steering,” and that while the lack of internal combustion engine noise takes a bit away from the sensation of speed, the car is remarkably fun to drive. They specifically mention it’s better than the Tesla Model 3 Performance which they say is by no means a boring car to drive.

It looks like reviewers are having a hard time picking faults with the Taycan. The only problem with it is its rather high price - the car in the video costs $178,200 which is a lot of money, whichever way you try to spin it. However, if you want the most enjoyable EV currently out, then that’s how much you have to spend to get it.

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