The sixth-generation Opel Corsa (also sold as a Vauxhall in the United Kingdom) is the first-ever Corsa to ride on a Peugeot group platform. Underneath its rounded sheet metal, it is more or less identical to the new and much more rakish looking Peugeot 208, which was this year’s European car of the year.

And just like the Peugeot, which comes in as the pure-electric e-208, Opel also launched its new subcompact model as an EV and dubbed it the Corsa-E. It is powered by exactly the same 134 horsepower electric motor as the e-208 and it draws from the same 50 kWh battery pack which takes it some 330 km (207 miles) on one charge.

What sets it apart from the Peugeot, though, is the way it looks, both inside and out. Whereas the e-208 is rakish and futuristic, the Corsa-E is more traditional looking and reassuring from all angles. Step aboard, and there’s no trace of the Peugeot’s wacky interior with the small steering wheel you’re supposed to peer over to see the gauges.

Autogefühl recently tried out the new Corsa-E and their conclusion is that while it’s definitely a bit expensive (it costs twice as much as the base gasoline-burning Corsa), it may still be a worthy buy depending on where you live and what sort of incentives you have access to - if you do manage to take a big chunk out of its advertised price tag, then it certainly makes a lot of sense to own one for city use.

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