Jay Leno was spotted in the Tesla Cybertruck, alongside Elon Musk, filming for a segment on his show. However, the next EV to be featured is actually the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, a vehicle Jay found very impressive.

Prior to driving the Taycan Turbo S, he tried out the Drako GTE, a limited series electric sedan that didn’t really impress him, especially considering it cost nearly $1.3-million. By contrast, he really likes the cheaper yet fairly similar Taycan a lot more, praising it for its blend of performance and comfort, as well as its looks and interior.

Jay doesn’t drive the car that fast (at least not on camera) and he points out that he finds it remarkably relaxed and comfortable. The high level of comfort he notes does come courtesy of the three-chamber air suspension setup that the Taycan comes with; this is a good thing, especially considering the Taycan Turbo S rides on big 21-inch rims - examples fitted with smaller wheels should ride even better.

The Tesla Model S, a more or less direct rival, is also a comfortable cruiser, but unlike the Taycan, it can’t quite morph itself into a sports car at a prod of the screen (or a twist of a dial in the Porsche’s case). There’s still no masking the Taycan’s weight in the corners, but as Chris Harris pointed out in his track driving segment on Top Gear, it’s remarkably good for such a heavy vehicle.

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