The Porsche Taycan is gaining more and more credibility among sports sedans, irrespective of which type of powertrain they use. The range topping Taycan Turbo S was recently driven by the Stig around the Top Gear test track, where it achieved a very impressive lap time of 1:17.6, putting it in very select company.

With the time it achieved, it’s one tenth slower than the Mercedes-AMG GTS two-door, and exactly as quick as the electrified Acura NSX. This means it outpaced cars like the Pagani Zonda F, Ferrari 458 Italia or the Bugatti Veyron - it’s definitely impressive and part of the reason is the Top Gear track doesn’t favor cars with high top speeds, so the top tier Taycan’s blistering acceleration and good handling were all that mattered.

You’ll  notice that upon entering the first corner, it looks like the car understeers, but then it’s reigned in with a dab of braking (the stability control light wan’t flashing, so the driver kept it in check there, not the electronics). This is the only time the car appears to exhibit understeer, because everywhere else on the track, it looks neutral with a slight propensity for oversteer.

And it certainly looks like a lot of fun too, even with the augmented faux motor sound being pumped in through the speakers. The steering also looks like it’s pin-sharp, requiring very small adjustments to keep the car pointing in the right direction, and the way it shoots out of corners is remarkable - no drama, no wheel spin, just acceleration.

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