There are potentially more than three electric pickup trucks coming soon if we add future products from Bollinger Motors, Workhorse (and its affiliate Lordstown Motors Corp.), General Motors, etc. But, for now, we'll call the Tesla Pickup Truck, the Rivian R1T, and the Ford F-150 Electric the "Big Three."

Why focus on these three upcoming electric pickups? Well, Rivian has already revealed its products and has working pre-production vehicles out testing. Tesla will officially unveil its "Cybertruck" next week (November 21 in Los Angeles). We're not quite sure of Ford's timeline, but it already showed off an all-electric F-150 towing over one million pounds.

While we have started our own "Everything We Know" series here at InsideEVs, we still appreciate all of the information that's out there via other publications, forums, and YouTubers.

The Fast Lane Truck takes us through everything they know about these three upcoming rivals. Check out the video above, as well as our features about these electric pickups. Then, as always, leave us some comments or head on over to our RivianChat Forum to share your thoughts.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Truck on YouTube:

Tesla Pickup Truck vs Rivian vs EV Ford F-150 - Here's Everything You Need to Know!


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