It's incredible how far Tesla has come, and it has practically just begun.

As we watch Tesla evolve and succeed, some of us may wonder about the car that started it all. Was Tesla's original Roadster a good car? Did it have decent range? Was it riddled with issues? How many copies did Tesla sell?

While some of our longtime, hardcore audience was already following the electric vehicle segment during Tesla's early days, many people had never even heard of Tesla prior to the launch of its Model 3. This is because the Silicon Valley electric automaker was niche, making futuristic and expensive cars in relatively low volume.

Sure, the Model S — and eventually Model X — both sold remarkably well for what they are, but not in comparison to many higher-volume gas-powered luxury cars.

If this can be said about Tesla's S and X, then the original Tesla Roadster may as well have not even existed. Tesla only sold about 2,500 globally. The car had an impressive range of some 245 miles, which some automakers are still struggling to achieve today.

At any rate, we turn to one of the most informed and entertaining EV reviewers of the day — Bjørn Nyland — to provide us with this unique review of the original Tesla Roadster.

If you owned a Roadster, we'd love to read about it in the comment section below.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Tesla Roadster 2011 review


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