Which Tesla should you buy? This ultimate Tesla comparison video puts the Tesla Model 3 up against the Model S and Model X. Is there a winner?

Every Tesla is a winner, so in reality then, just pick the one that's right for you. However, as this video details, each Tesla model has its pros and cons, as does every other car sold today.

When comparing Teslas, it really comes down to size, type of vehicle and price. If you need an SUV to haul a large family and/or lots of gear, then there's only one choice: the Tesla Model X. If price is your main priority, then the win goes to the Model 3.

Unfortunately, there's just not a whole lot of selection form Tesla just yet. However, the upcoming Tesla Model Y crossover and Tesla truck will surely add some diversity to the lineup.

If today's winning Tesla was simply based on sales, the Model 3 runs away from the S and X with ease, but which Tesla is right for you? Check out the AutoTrader video for some insight into making the right choice when it comes time to buy that Tesla.

Video description via AutoTrader on YouTube:

Model 3, Model S or Model X? Which is the best Tesla electric car? Rory reviews each of Elon Musk's latest offerings to discover which is the ideal electric car for you. It's Tesla vs Tesla vs Tesla!

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