We’ve already spoken about Tesla hate here. More than we would like to, and mostly when people expressed it in destructive ways. We've had many examples, such as throwing coins, keying, or breaking their rearview mirrors. But this is not one of those articles. In fact, it speaks about that sublime moment in which hate becomes love. All it took for the hater was some moments behind the steering wheel of a Model 3. It did not even take a Performance unit to do the job: a Long Range was more than enough.

At first, we were in doubt it the presenter of the Gjeebs YouTube channel was really a Tesla hater. To check that, we have looked at his videos, and most of them are about high-performance ICE cars. The presenter is the proud owner of a Ford Focus ST and a recently bought BMW M2.

That is undoubtedly not enough to say he was a hater, but he was surely no EV lover as well. So we will stick with his word on this. 

He mentions on the video that he did not like EVs because they were faster than the established combustion-engined vehicles on the market. How dare they? It was not because they “may be slower, or less powerful initially, and more expensive,” as Anderson Cooper recently stated. It was the sort of hate that is very close to admiration. Perhaps envy would be a good definition of it.

It took the presenter just a few moments of driving for him to change his feeling about EVs and Tesla. He was impressed by how well it behaves, how comfortable it is, and also about the quality of the interior. The Model 3 made a lasting and convincing presentation of the EV world to him, as you can see in the video below.

The presenter says he is more interested in the future Model Y. Anyway, he admits the Model 3 makes a lot of sense, even if he misses the emotion of shifting gears and of listening to the combustion engine revs building up.

As Bob Lutz already said, perhaps ICE cars will one day remain as a hobby, restricted to tracks. As horses currently do after being replaced by automobiles. EVs are the next big thing regarding personal transportation. Hating them, as this video show, is futile. Giving them a chance is all it takes to live with a lighter and pleasant feeling towards them.

Video Description Via Gjeebs On YouTube:

I have been a hater of Tesla's with no reason to hate them so I decided to rent one. In this video it is a Tesla model 3 with Long range dual motors. Here is my opinion after driving one :)

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