You can get an EV on any budget, but there are caveats.

In one corner, we have the Tesla Model X. Its starting price ranges from $84,990 to $104,990, depending on which model you choose. This makes it one of the most expensive all-electric car available today. It's also the largest battery-electric vehicle on the market, with available seating for up to seven passengers and loads of cargo space.

In the opposing corner, you'll find the Echo 3 Green Energy Scooter. It's a three-wheel, all-electric city vehicle that carries a price of just $6,995.

We have to give The Fast Lane Car some credit here for the fun factor and uniqueness of this comparison. However, we would have liked to see the expensive Tesla compared an actual cheap electric "car" like the Nissan LEAF, Fiat 500e, smart EQ, or Volkswagen e-Golf. That really wouldn't have been nearly as fun or interesting, however.

The Model X offers premium accommodations, ridiculous acceleration, and a range of over 300 miles. The Echo 3 will take you — and only you since it's a single-seater — about 35 miles with a top speed of 35 mph. Even though it's a low-speed scooter, it looks much like a real car inside, and it has some nice features, like solar panels, a rearview camera, and a roof rack.

Check out the video to learn more. What do you think?

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Big vs Little EV — We Compare The Cheapest and Priciest Electric Cars You Can Buy | Adventure X Ep.8

( ) The Tesla Model X is one of the biggest and most expensive electric cars you can buy. The Echo 3 is one of the cheapest and funnest EV's you can buy. In this video we compare the two by driving through downtown Denver and up a mountain.


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