The Tesla Model 3 Performance carries a starting price of $54,990. While that's not a "mass-market" price and isn't something most folks might refer to as affordable, it's very reasonable in comparison to rival sport sedans.

The Model 3 Performance comes standard with all-wheel-drive, Track Mode, and Autopilot. It offers a whopping 310 miles of EPA-estimated range. This Tesla will scoot you from zero to 60 mph in a praiseworthy 3.2 seconds. It also has a top speed of 162 mph.

When the Model 3 first came to market, few expected that there'd be a blazingly fast, performance-oriented version that could put most "similar" cars to shame at the strip and on the twisty track. It was interesting that Tesla would offer such a gem that would clearly cannibalize Model S sales. Nonetheless, it arrived and has proven incredibly popular.

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Tesla Model 3 2020 review: Performance

If the Tesla Model 3 Performance appeals to you, you're probably a different kind of electric car buyer. Instead of outright range and efficiency, you're probably prioritising performance - I mean it's in the name of this spec of Model 3, after all. And this grade essentially takes the regular Model 3 and makes it a bit mental.

Let's go through how it does that.

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