How does a petrolhead that also loves technology feel about electric cars? We would certainly say torn, especially in the face of modern electric cars that are really desirable. After watching this video from Btekt, made by David Wildman, we would have to change our classification. Wildman was not a bit torn by the Tesla Model X. He was amazed.

The Btekt presenter starts his video in a very candid way, telling people he has never done a car review before, even though he considers to be a petrolhead. That is fundamental for reviewing regular cars, but there’s more to it. Wildman manages to fulfill the requirements.

The biggest one is being absolutely honest about what you are evaluating. Wildman does that by describing the very sensation of driving the first electric SUV. You’ll have to watch the video to know what it is, but we can give you a glimpse of the man’s good faith with this sentence:

“It’s then you’ll realize that normal combustion-engined cars are, as much as I hate to say it, old-fashioned.”

Wildman confesses he has always been skeptical about electric cars, but that the Tesla Model X has changed his mind. And this is emblematic of something Cox Automotive had already perceived with its recent study on EV adoption: Tesla’s big role in making EVs desirable.

For people that are used to electric vehicles as are our readers, it is always nice to see a fresh look at them. That is what Wildman offers in this video. We strongly encourage you to watch it. Especially if you still have not seen the Model X in Party mode. 

Video Description via Btekt on YouTube:

"Tesla Model X 2019 Review | One Incredible Machine

Was great to be able to test out the Tesla Model X. I'm a lucky boy. 

Okay it's not a phone. So was a bit unsure about how to approach this one. 

But here it is. Exactly what I think about the Tesla Model X"

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