Australian folks are finally getting in touch with the Tesla Model 3. And we start to see videos produced down under, such as this one from the YouTube channel Chasing Cars. Tom Baker takes a Performance derivative to the track and makes the following question: is it better than a BMW 3 Series. The problem is answering it.

This video is a presentation of the Tesla Model 3 to the Australian audience. As such, it accordingly shows every aspect of the car, such as the minimalist interior, how everything is concentrated on the main central screen, roominess, luggage space and finally how it drives.

Perhaps it has to do with the limited contact Baker had with the Model 3, but the truth is the video seems not to answer the exact question it has posed. There are sparse comments on how both cars compare, but no conclusion.

Our audience already has the answer to the question based not only on the way the Tesla behaves – which is widely praised by the critics – but mostly because it is an all-electric car. Chasing Cars prefers to be more neutral on that, as it should. But they are so neutral we only get the promise that these vehicles will be compared in the future.

That said, watch the video and tell us if you think there is any answer to the initial question. After all, we may be wrong. But, most of all, see how Australians are receiving the Model 3 and getting along with it.

Video Description via Chasing Cars on YouTube:

The Tesla Model 3 is an entry-level luxury sedan that offers generous EV range and a plush interior. The Model 3 competes with combustion cars like the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class, but is it worth buying? The compact Tesla has just landed in Australia, so to get some first impressions, Tom takes the 2019 Model 3 Performance out for a spin on a private track.

Do you like the Tesla Model 3? Would you have it over an Audi A4? Is now the time to buy an electric car? Let me know!

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