The most recent Bjørn Nyland noise tests of the Mercedes-Benz EQC proves that, so far, there is no match for the German premium brands in terms of noise levels.

The EQC, with 20-inch summer tires, noted thesecond-best result ever (average of 63.5 dB over three speed ranges), just behind the Audi e-tron (average of 62.9 dB). However, as the e-tron was on 19-inch winter tires, there is chance that the two on the same tires will be equally quiet. Maybe the EQC will be even marginally better than e-tron. That's something that Bjørn Nyland intends to check in the future.

The subjective assessment is that the EQC is quieter than the e-tron, which in part might be related to lack of high-frequency pitch noise in the EQC that's often heard in other models.

Bjørn Nyland's EV noise tests:

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