What first struck us at this new video from the British website Carbuyer was the pretty high amount of people that did not like it. After watching it, we were still curious about what was so wrong with it for people not to like it, especially because it was pretty entertaining and full of info. The bottom line is that some did not like to see the Model 3 competing with much more expensive EVs, the Jaguar I-Pace and the Audi E-Tron Quattro.

If you take prices into consideration, it is really a big leap between the Tesla and the other cars. The more expensive Model 3 is sold in the UK for £49,990, according to the video. The Audi E-Tron Quattro starts there at £68,020 and goes up to £78,770. The Jag’s lowest price is £60,995. The highest is £71,495. 

And that would really be a lot if the presenters did not state, from the beginning, that they were putting the “premium EVs of the moment” to compete. And that is very right, with a clear advantage in price to the Model 3.

Video Compares The Tesla Model 3 To The I-Pace And The E-Tron Quattro

Perhaps this is why the presenters try not to stick so much with cost-benefit analysis and focus more on the range, how easy they are to live with and, most important of all, how these EVs drive. This last point of discussion seems to be the more important one.

Anyway, Carbuyer praises the I-Pace dynamics in a way we have not seen others do. Its presenters claim the brake pedal of the E-Tron Quattro is difficult to modulate. The same thing What Car? has said about the I-Pace in a video we published about a month ago.

Could this be the reason for so many people unhappy with Carbuyer’s video? Or is it just that old internet problem of people trying to overcome their frustrations by being rude by no apparent reason? Have a look at the video. The comments are all yours to express what you think.

Gallery: Video Compares The Tesla Model 3 To The I-Pace And The E-Tron Quattro

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