YouTube channel — Throttle House — wonders if BMW can really keep up in the world of emerging automotive technology. As far as the latest tech is concerned, they're referring to Tesla. More specifically, the Model X.

The Silicon Valley crossover is still the only midsize, premium, long-range electric SUV on the market with available seating for seven passengers. In its five-seat configuration, it starts at $84,990. You'll have to pay an extra $3,000 to get seven-passenger seating.

Instead of coming to market with a futuristic powertrain, BMW offers up its completely redesigned X5 xDrive50i with a starting price of $75,750, which seats five. The X5 does offer optional third-row seating on some variants as well. To get all the goodies, you'll have to splurge for the $16,000 Premium Excellence Package.

So, how do these two performance SUVs compare inside and out, as well as in regards to performance and features? Throttle House provides us with all the details, and a little fun along the way.

Check out the video comparison and then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Throttle House on YouTube:

2019 BMW X5 50i vs Tesla Model X // Battle Of The X's

James and Thomas compare the NEW 2019 BMW X5 50i and the Tesla Model X. Both cars are all-wheel drive six-figure SUVs, but with one key difference. One goes vroom.

In an ever-changing market of emerging tech, does the BMW keep up? Exterior and interior styling comparisons help figure out which one takes it in the looks department, and the roads do the rest. Watch to see the outcome.

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