Consumer Reports recently released its first impressions about the all-new 2019 Audi e-tron all-electric SUV. While the publication expectedly points out some flaws, its initial opinion is quite positive. Overall, CR appreciates the e-tron's level of luxuriousness, smooth powertrain, intuitive cabin features, and hushed ride. However, CR makes it clear that it still has plenty of testing left to complete.

Consumer Reports' describes its e-tron test vehicle as follows:

2019 Audi E-Tron Quattro
Powertrain: Dual electric motors, 355 hp, direct drive, AWD
MSRP: $74,800
Options: $4,655, including driver-assistance package (adaptive cruise control, active lane assist, and traffic sign recognition) and cold weather package (heated rear seats and battery preconditioning)
Destination fee: $995
Total cost: $80,450

Of course, it's to be expected that the e-tron will have a first-rate interior. This is something Audi receives praise for and has much experience with. Not to mention the crossover's high sticker price. The infotainment system features two screens that provide haptic feedback, which CR enjoys. Still, it says you'll need to set aside some time to familiarize yourself and figure out the interface.

According to CR, the Audi rides smoothy and provides plenty of comfort. However, the most compelling trait is this Audi's level of quiet. EVs are inherently quiet due to their powertrain. Sometimes this means that road noise can more easily make its way into the cabin. The automaker took great strides to assure that this is not the case with the e-tron.

What irked Consumer Reports?

The e-tron's gear selector is not very intuitive and the charging port cover is hard to deal with. The cover is powered, but figuring out how to open it isn't obvious. There is also an extra step upon charging completion. CR is concerned that this is a feature that could break over time. Lastly, the publication isn't happy with the e-tron's rearward visibility.

As Consumer Reports moves forward with more intensive testing, it will dive further into the e-tron's lack of the initial torque that's expected of EVs. In addition, CR will explore and report on details surrounding the vehicle's charging situation.

To read Consumer Reports' entire review, follow the source link below.

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