Recently when a Tesla Model 3 owner got a chance to park his car near beside a Jaguar I-Pace, something struck his mind, both vehicles were at least the same length and when checking the numbers the width of the Model 3 is only 1.8" (46 mm) less than the I-Pace. 

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Above: Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model 3 standing side-by-side in a parking lot (Photo: u/NetBrown)

The only significant difference between the both is 'height', the I-Pace is almost 4.5 inches (114 mm) taller than the Model 3, while comparing the I-Pace to the Model X, the latter classifies as an SUV while the I-Pace merely ranks as a CUV — perhaps it's real direct competitor will be the forthcoming Tesla Model Y but we don't yet have the size/specs on that yet.

Jaguar has been emphasizing that the I-Pace is a Tesla Model X rival since the launch but let's check out what the numbers demonstrate in the following comparison table of all three EVs discussed above.

Above: Tesla Model 3 vs. Jaguar I-Pace vs. Tesla Model X exterior dimensions comparison table, tap/click table to open in new tab for an enlarged view (Source: X Auto)

Even when considerably smaller in length than the Tesla Model X, the Jaguar I-Pace's wheelbase still has a long wheelbase and the side mirrors of the I-Pace are super wide giving the car's width an almost ~10 inches of a stretch when open.

When u/NetBrown from the Tesla Subreddit got a chance to park his Tesla Model 3 besides a Jaguar I-Pace in a parking lot, we got a glimpse of how these vehicles look when standing side-by-side from different angles — the pictures below speak for themselves.

Tesla Model 3 and Jaguar I-Pace side-by-side - side rear view.

Above: Tesla Model 3 and Jaguar I-Pace side-by-side photos from multiple angles for exterior size estimation (Photos: u/NetBrown)

Taking a look at the photos above — especially the rear and front angles of the Tesla Model 3 and Jaguar I-Pace standing side-by-side — we can see that the length of both vehicles looks almost identical, however, the width of the I-Pace can be felt with the naked eye.

The roof pictures also show little difference in height but that could be an unusual camera angle. Regardless, there seems to minimal size differences in both vehicles. That said, Jaguar I-Pace being compared to a Tesla Model X is a bit puzzling.

Another set of photos from an owner of both the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X show the visual comparison between the vehicles — it's evident that this is clearly SUV vs. CUV.

Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X parked side-by-side - front view
Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X parked side-by-side - rear view

Above: Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X parked side-by-side - front and rear view shots for visual size comparison (Photos: u/PissesOffWasps)

In any event, regardless of size, Tesla's Model X appears to outshine Jaguar's I-Pace looking at a number of key data points. So, although the price differential falls in Jaguar's favor (when compared to the Model X), it will be fascinating to see how the I-Pace stacks up against Tesla's forthcoming Model Y.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali. An earlier version of this article originally appeared on X Auto.

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