At this point, you're likely all well-aware of Sandy Munro (Munro & Associates, Inc.). This is because he's made his way on the Autoline Network on a number of occasions to discuss his teardown of the Tesla Model 3. Initially, Munro wasn't thrilled with the vehicle for a variety of reasons. However, his opinions have changed drastically over time.

At an upcoming event near Detroit, in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Munro & Associates will provide an engineering comparison of the Tesla Model 3, Chevrolet Bolt EV, and BMW i3, as well as an overview, hoist review, and comparison to the all-new Jaguar I-Pace. The event is titled, "EV Conference - Revealing Secrets of Tesla Model 3, BMW i3 and Chevy Bolt."

The Electric Vehicle Technical Briefing will take place on June 21. Its primary focus will be on what Munro & Associates call the "Big 3," in reference to EV batteries, motors, and electronics. Parts from each vehicle will be on display for attendees to see up close.

In addition, the benchmarking team will provide a Q&A session, along with an overall review of new and upcoming technology, engineering, and design related to vehicle innovations. Click on the press release tab below for additional details.

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Revealing Secrets of Tesla Model 3, BMW i3 and Chevy Bolt

Calling all automotive engineers looking for objective technical information about today’s leading electric vehicles (EVs). Munro & Associates, world leaders in the Lean Design® methodology, teardown benchmarking and design optimization, is hosting an Electric Vehicle Technical Briefing on Friday, June 21 at its world headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich. During the event, the Munro team will present an engineering comparison of four leading EVs: the Tesla Model 3; the BMW i3, the Chevy Bolt; and the Jaguar I-PACE.

The tour of the Munro Benchmarking Investigation, Innovation & Implementation Center will provide an Engineering deep dive of the most advanced electric vehicles and technologies in the market today. Munro will also provide an in-depth view into how you can analyze products and perform your own reengineering.

The main focus will be on the EV “Big 3” Motors, Batteries and Electronics; however, there will be a new technology review with insight into the engineering and designs of some of the other innovative vehicles on the road today. The Tesla 3 will be compared to the BMW i3 and the Chevy Bolt.

Unlike many “Power Point Conferences” the parts of all three of the vehicles will be laid out on tables and Munro “A Frames” with knowledgeable Munro Engineers to provide a detailed description of the key take-ways from each part of the car and answer questions. There will also be a hoist review of the Jaguar I PACE, as a precursor to discussions on the I PACE electric motor.

Munro will also bring in a surprise guest who will discuss important aspects of EV that are rarely discussed in depth such as what is the durability of the Tesla product? This is a must attend for EV Engineers!

$199 which includes:

  • An overview of “EV Big 3:” motors; batteries; and electronics;
  • A technology review with insight into the engineering and designs of some of the other innovative vehicles on the road today;
  • A tour of Munro’s Benchmarking Investigation, Innovation & Implementation Center
  • The opportunity to participate in an engineering deep dive of today’s most advanced EVs and technologies; and
  • An in-depth view into how participants can analyze products and perform their own re-engineering.

Timing, Location & Agenda:

Friday, June 21st, 2019

Munro & Associates
1140 Centre Road Auburn Hills, MI 48326

8:30 a.m. Registration, Coffee & Donuts

9:00 to 9:15 Welcome and logistics

9:15 to 9:45 Who is Munro? How do we get our Numbers?

9:45 to 10:30 Overview of the Tesla, Bolt, BMW i3 and Intro for the I Pace

10:30 to 11:00 Battery Debrief

11:00 to 11:30 Electronics Debrief

11:30 to 12:00 Electric Motor Debrief

12:00 to 1:00 Lunch

1:00 to 1:45 Long Range Tesla Data; Full data on Tesla vehicles some with 380,000 MILES! BTW No Maintenance Issues!!

1:45 to 3:30 On-The-Floor, Group Breakout, Around the Parts;

I PACE Hoist Review, Side by Side discussions at 5 teardown stations to discuss all the vehicle components plus a REVEAL.

3:30 to 4:30 Social Hour and Networking

About Munro & Associates

Founded in 1988, Munro & Associates Inc. is a world-class engineering and manufacturing consulting firm based at a 100,000 sq. ft. headquarters and benchmarking center in Auburn Hills, Mich. With offices in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia, the firm specializes in upfront, predictive methods to increase profitability by improving quality, reliability and value, while reducing total lifecycle costs. Munro’s unique Lean Design® methodology enables engineers to build accurate business cases for product design, and manufacturing process optimization. Using Munro’s Design Profit® software, teams can create highly accurate predictive models that analyze quality, manufacturability, weight and cost reduction, labor and sustainability metrics.

Munro has re-defined product benchmarking, going beyond typical product teardowns by incorporating its Lean Design®, Quality Report Card®, manufacturing, ergonomic, best-of-best studies and predictive costing into the benchmarking process. Further supporting its clients, Munro also offers training, expertise and consulting in technology transfer, green and sustainable manufacturing, plant layout and other service areas. For more information, visit

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