We score a Kia Niro EV for extended testing. What do you want to know?

We scored a loaded Kia Niro EV EX Premium for a week-long test drive and rather than just putting the car through its usual paces (we'll do that too!) we want to know what questions our readers have. 

We've already set out on a 225-mile round-way road trip to test out the Niro EV on a 350 kW DC fast charger on the Electrify America network, and will follow up tomorrow with a post on that experience alone - hint: it wasn't as easy as we'd hope.

Kia Niro EV

So far, we're very impressed, as we expected to be, mainly because of all the positive reviews we've already seen. The Niro EV has been easily exceeding the EPA 239 mile EV range, and we've already driven it 271 miles on a single charge, and the estimator still showed 30 miles of remaining range. This is definitely a 300-mile EV under favorable driving conditions, and while driving relatively conservatively. Some may remember last year when Bjorn Nyland drove a Niro EV 310 miles on a charge. After a couple of days with a Niro EV myself, I can definitely confirm that's possible. 

Kia Niro EV
After driving 271 miles, I still had 30 miles of estimated range remaining.

I'm sure you won't get the same 300 miles in the winter, probably more like 225 to 235. That's still excellent, considering the Niro EV's EPA range rating of 239 miles per charge. I definitely believe Kia underestimated the Niro EVs range a bit, perhaps to under-promise and over-deliver. This seems to explain why the Hyundai Kona EV has a 258 EPA range rating, as Hyundai may have chosen to more accurately report their range findings. Personally, I think the 258 miles that the Kona EV is rated at, is closer to what the range rating the Niro EV should have. 

Kia Niro EV

It's got plenty of power, and in Sport mode it has more than enough power to launch the vehicle forward abruptly at most speeds even with four adults in the car. Eco mode reduces the power considerably, but still offers enough power to meet most daily driving needs. However, the Niro EV is not quite as quick and torquey as the Hyundai Kona EV, which has the same power (201 Hp & 291 lb-ft torque) but weighs between 18 lbs and 139 lbs less than the Niro EV, depending on options. 

In the video above, I chat with Alex from E For Electric on our weekly show, "Plugged In With Tom Moloughney", to tell him about my first impressions, including the great range I observed, of the Kia Niro EV. 

We have this Niro EV until Thursday, so let us know what questions you have, what pictures you want us to take, and what kinds of tests you'd like to see us do. We'll do our best to get you all the answers you seek.

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