The Nissan LEAF for months now has been selling below expectations in theĀ U.S., but maybe after a very positive long-term review by Roadshow (of the top of the line SL trim with a 40 kWh battery) more buyers will once again consider the Japanese flagship.

The driving experience after nearly 8,000 miles (12,900 km) logged in New York and Michigan proves that life with an electric car can be "easier and more fun than you might think".

The LEAF worked "flawlessly" with minimum regular maintenance, which doesn't surprise us as overall the LEAF was always rather a reliable model. On the other hand, the charging networks sometimes fail and it's good to be prepared for broken chargers.

The Nissan LEAF is not a revolution type of car, it's rather ordinary and "it adapts to you, not the other way around". The only significant new thing is the e-Pedal (single pedal driving), which requires a while to get used to.

The range of 150 miles (241 km) EPA is high enough to do "about everything you'd do with your daily driver", although during winter, range might decrease by half. The remedy for this will be the longer-range (but also more expensive) Nissan LEAF e+ (62 kWh battery) rated for up to 226 miles (364 km) EPA. Overall, it was easy to meet or even exceed the EPA range rating during warmer months.

The ProPilot Assist also received positive feedback:

"ProPilot Assist -- Nissan's suite of hands-on driver assistance that enables adaptive cruise control with lane-centering tech, also proved very beneficial. Easy to use and pleasingly consistent about staying mid-lane, this Level 2 system performed well when it had proper lane markings, and even did an admirable job with faded painted markings, too.

Source: Roadshow

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